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About the Artist

Katrin Waite Painting in Studio

Art found me before I learned to read and write. I have never stopped to create since then. I began to paint actively when I relocated from my native Germany to the United States over 20years ago. The colors of the American landscape and the subtleties of Native American art influenced my artwork deeply.

As the artistic journey proceeded I brought interactive perspectives, external layers, shapes, memories to my work. My art expresses a deep-seated respect for nature and its eternal path of transformation. The portrayal of that process calls for the continuous questioning of my own perceptions and receptions. My stories turn into a transcendent path to the individual background of the viewer.

For years I worked largely with acrylics. As my paintings gained complexity the choice of media grew. Each theme, each motif, each issue called for its own approach, its own media to express it. That led me from acrylics to oil paint, to liquid metal, to mixed media, to rust. As this process unfolded, I introduced graphic elements into my paintings. Each work I continue to approach as a new journey, careful to balance media and composition.

For me, my art triggers or extends an illusion about the outside world. In each work I play with layers, transparency, shapes. I strive to offer a subjective extract of the visual essence of thisoutside world. Ii is an invitation to experience unlimited perceptions, to become part of a transformation. The repetitive theme of time and subjective memory in my art offers an entrance for the viewer to position the own perspective facing the artwork.

education/training: self-trained abstract artist; PhD. historian
media: oil, acrylic, pastels, mixed, ink, metal, rust, everything that is required and usable

projects and experience:

  • Until 2011 – accumulation of artistic skills; artworks in private collections in numerous countries
  • May 2011 – solo exhibition, “Ureigene Welten – Native Worlds” at the TRIALOG Gallery, Berlin
  • June 2012 – solo exhibition, “7 Tastes – 7 Paintings” at the Wine Gallery “Wichelhaus”, Berlin
  • Summer 2013 – group exhibition at the Gallery “Kunstraum” (Art Space) in Berlin
  • Since Fall 2013- member, the Southern Vermont Arts Center; participation in member shows
  • January – March 2015 – solo exhibition, “Journey through Layers – the Illusion of Simplicity” at the Southern Vermont Arts Center
  • Since Fall 2015 – member, the Larac Gallery in Glens Falls
  • Since Fall 2015 – member, North Country Arts
  • 2-30 October 2015 – participant, the juried art show “Realism VS Abstraction” at LARAC/Lapham Gallery, Glens Falls
  • 23 October 2015 – 9 January 2016, participant, the “Holiday Spirit Show” at Rare Earth Gallery, Glens Falls
  • 10 October – 11 November 2016 participant at the juried art show “Boundaries” at the Larac Gallery in Glens Falls, NY
  • 1-31 March 2017 Solo Show at the Glens Falls Crandall Public Library
    February-March 2017 participation at the juried show “Small Works” at the Shirt Factory in Glens Falls
  • 16-20 June 2017 art trip to Lisbon, Portugal
  • 23-27 October 2017 art residency at Southern Vermont Arts Center, Manchester
  • 13 April-11 May 2018, 3 Persons exhibition “Remnants” at Glens Falls Larac Gallery, NY
  • Summer 2018 — calligraphy classes at Chen Gallery in Berlin, Germany (Master Jianjiang Chen)
  • 5 October- 2 November 2018 participant at the juried art show “Upside Down” at Glens Falls Larac Gallery, NY
  • 28 December 2018 – 9 January 2019 artistic journey to New Mexico & Arizona, landscape studies
  • August 2019 art trip to Finland and Lapland
  • 15 September 2019 — 15 February 2020 exhibition at the Mac Cartee´s Art Barn, Salem, NY
  • 15 October 2019 — 1 February 2020 exhibition at Geary Gallery, Darien, Connecticut
  • 16 May — 21 June 2020 participation at the exhibition “Balancing Act” at Ellenbogen Gallery, Manchester, VT
  • 24 July — 10 October 2020 solo exhibition “What Remains I Scattered Memories” at Ellenbogen Gallery, Manchester, VT
  • 10 September — 20 October 2020 solo exhibition “Everything is Illuminated” at Historic Salem Courthouse, Salem, NY
  • September 2020 feature/portrait/interview at “The Artful Mind” Magazine, Great Barrington, Berkshires, MA
  • November 2020 — show at the DaVallia Gallery in Chester, VT