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Identity never comes as a whole. Right from the moment of its origin, identity is fragmented and broken. Some call any self-reflection or self-awareness an illusion; others call it the only artistic truth. Once broken, every being in all its parts chooses its own path. The Japanese tradition of kintsugi combines broken treasures with gold. Once broken, items carry more values. They reflect a history. Memory. Once broken and fixed with gold they are unique. The traces the precious metal leaves in patina and rust are pure beauty. My art strives to capture the fragile nature of memory in its endless facets. Gold, copper and patina are appropriate mediums for this theme.

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Scattered Memories

Time and memory are open for each other, like two sides of one medal. We don´t have time. Time has us. Time shapes our communication. Communication creates our memory. Art is one way of communication. Art is one expression to visualize or make audible the eternal interconnectivity of humans with the outside world. It opens doors for interaction. Metal and rust are the medium that extends such a path.

Time demands eternal change. It does not necessarily mean to let go. Whenever we pass a painful transformation in history we take our memories and own stories with us. They just turn into what remains and that makes them valuable.

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Northern Textures

The North. It seems magical. Every place has its own unique beauty. Yet the North seems to be the chosen location for minimalistic and rough textures. Light appears as a short-time but bright visitor. The short summers are filled with silver light. The winters don´t seem to end. No need for many words. The shades of earth colors contrast the straight lines of the Northern forests. The smell of the seasons are unforgetable. Magnetic light appears as a welcomed visitor in the winter darkness. The dancing Aurora Borealis/Revontulet breaks through this darkness unexpectedly, like an uninvited but anticipated diva on a red carpet. It takes time to find entrance into this Northern world of textures and colors. It has its own time levels. It offers an invitation, a provocation to a different approach of color usage: holding back the bright colors and using shades and mixes instead. Working with the sub-colors underneath. The North has its own visual language.

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Art found me before I learned to read and write. I have never stopped to create since then. I began to paint actively when I relocated from my native Germany to the United States over 20years ago. The colors of the American landscape and the subtleties of Native American art influenced my artwork deeply.

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